The Hut Project


To celebrate the life our dear friends Cornelius ‘Kees’ Brenninkmeyer and Claire Dixon enjoyed together in BC’s mountains, we are setting out on the Kees & Claire Memorial Hut Project. Our goal is to raise funds and gather collective knowledge and efforts to build a spectacular, beautiful, and practical ski touring and mountaineering hut in their honour, in the British Columbia, Canada, for everyone to enjoy. They died during a month long ski touring trip on the popular Wapta Traverse route, volunteering as ACC hut custodians along the way. Their connection to hut based ski touring and mountaineering is clear, and we’re very excited to build a new hut in their memory.

Who Is the Kees and Claire Memorial Hut Society?

This project has been initiated and led by a small group of Kees & Claire’s close friends who each independently believed this is the best way to keep Kees and Claire’s loves for the outdoors and adventurous spirit alive and share it with everyone. Confident this is what Kees & Claire would love to see, we are actively pursuing our goal.

Board members for the Hut Society are: Jamie Bond, Karen Newby, Tobin Seagel, Tracy Lee, and Andre Charland

Update – Our Project Has Joined Forces with the Spearhead Huts Committee

Several winters ago we were evaluating options and trying to identify the area, terrain and ski community that would benefit most from a backcountry hut system. Our conclusion landed us right in our own backyard, aiming to revive the decades-old dream of building huts along the world-class Spearhead Traverse in Whistler, BC.

In the process of reaching out to mountain clubs and communities, we discovered a number of different interest groups who’s goals aligned with ours. Soon the Spearhead Huts Committee was formed, comprised of the following groups:

  • Kees & Claire Memorial Hut Society
  • Bret Carlson Memorial Group
  • Representatives from the Alpine Club of Canada – Whistler Section
  • Representatives from the Alpine Club of Canada – Vancouver Section
  • Representatives from the British Columbia Mountaineering Club

More Information

Now that we are so closely aligned with the Spearhead Huts Committee, the best source of up to date information regarding our project can be viewed

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